Beaches and Seaside


Pebble beach, is the largest of the three beaches and the access to the deep water is gradual.


Koraj jis made of flat concrete surfaces with possible immediate access to deep water.

Golden Bay

Beach with fine pebble/sand, has a similar gradual access to the deeper water.

All local beaches are located along seashore promenade Pet Danica. At approximately 50m away from Villa Tenžera, to the promenade leads pedestrian walkway/stairway. In general, all beaches have free access to the public, however you have to pay for beach equipment such as lounge chairs or parasols/ beach umbrellas. Beach towels are not provided and you have to bring with you your own or buy them in local stores.

Within a radius of 250 meters, three nearby beaches are available to guests; Koraj, Galija and Golden Bay.

Popular getaway-ecological beaches are located at the entrance of the Bay of Boka, most of them isolated from habitations. To spend half day or full day on beaches of Mirišta, Žanjic, Dobreč… you can use local boats, in season commuting on daily schedules